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This series is to provide PhD students in RSI with helpful information towards program completion. All presentation notes will be uploaded below after each seminar:

June 24, 2017:
tỷ lệ cá cược bóng đá trực tuyếnComprehensive Exam and Thesis Preparation

March 6, 2018:
COMPS and Dissertation Seminar

The link is the web conference recording of the RSI student seminar series on COMPS and Dissertation conducted on March 6, 2018. The session includes: 2 short presentations on COMPS and dissertation preparation and defence, by Dr. Dina Brooks (RSI graduate coordinator), tips from upper level students and a brief Q and A with Dr. Brooks and the upper level students.

March 22, 2018:
Q & A Session

December 18, 2018:?
COMPS and Dissertation Seminar


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